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Sony has issued a statement concerning 3rd party hacks performed on their cameras. In the warning, the company has stated that installing any of these 3rd party apps will void your warranty. In essence, Sony is saying that if you install a third- party firmware and it causes the camera to malfunction, they will charge you for it if you send it to them for repairs. And that is if the company can repair the camera successfully.


What is worrying Sony?

Sony’s warning refers to unauthorized camera apps, firmware and scripts made available by 3rd parties. Though the warning did not name specific apps, these may include apps such as the STG Uploader app. The app allow PMCA (Play Memories Camera Apps) compatible cameras to upload pictures directly to Google Photos without using a computer. There is also a recent hack that gets rid of the 30-minute recording limit imposed on some models of Sony cameras.


Is Sony being intolerant?

Sony is not the only company that has been affected by installation of third-party firmware and hacks on their cameras, however some companies seem to be more tolerant of the practice. Canon has been very patient with a popular firmware hack that expand the video capabilities of their DSLR cameras. The hack also gets rid of features that limits recording. Though some companies tend to ignore these interferences, Sony is not the only company that has taken a tough stand on firmware from 3rd parties.


What is in a warranty?

Basically, a warranty covers the user in case there are issues with the camera emanating from the manufacturer. When a user installs a 3rd party app which interferes with the functioning of the camera, the fault is not caused by the manufacturer. As a result, it is only logical that the manufacturer does not cover it.



It is not yet clear whether Sony is saying the entire warranty is voided or if any repairs necessitated by third-party firmware will not be covered by the warranty. So, to be on the same side, if you do not want to repair your camera out of your packet, resist the urge to interfere with the Sony firmware.

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