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Netgear has introduced a new firmware product. The firmware is to be used with the M4100 switch devices. The new firmware is version The product aims at addressing the issue about SNMP agent having MIB objects. New firmware version is also aimed at solving the inventory display challenges of LLDP-MED and LLDP. The current firmware update successfully eliminates the bug which hinders the display of error messages, if the hardware limit of increasing ACL is achieved.


Compatible Devices

New firmware upgrade has the additional benefit of solving many issues that arise from DHCP and EZConfig. The firmware adopts several changes that are illustrated by the Release Notes.

The device that is compatible with the new firmware is M4100-D10-POE (FSM5210P). The switches that are compatible with the firmware upgrade include M4100-26G (GSM7224v2h2), M4100-D12G (GSM5212), and M4100-50G (GSM7248v2h2). The upgrade is also suitable for M4100-50-POE (FSM7250P) and M4100-26-POE (FSM7226P) devices.


New Firmware Installation

During the installation process, the user should start by saving the present configuration. This is to protect the existing data and software.

After that, the user should save and unzip all the archives that can be downloaded.

The user is then required to open the administration page of the unit. On the page, the maintenance part is opened and then the user initiates HTTP File Download.

The user hits browser and then identifies the firmware file. The last stage is selecting the ‘Apply’ button.

The user should be patient with the installation process. It is not advisable to interrupt the process. This is to prevent malfunctions of the device.


User Information

The downloaded firmware upgrade is carefully installed on the device. The user is encouraged to visit the website of Netgear continuously so as to get more information about the introduction of newer firmware versions.

The device users are also encouraged to read the Release Notes if they experience challenges in the firmware download and installation process.

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