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Fujifilm X-Pro2

It’s good news for Fujifilm consumers as the company announced a crucial firmware update for the X-Pro 2. Alongside this, the company also announced its plans for new lenses in 2017. A new product was also added to their stable, an outdoor-ready X-T2 camera.


Firmware Update

With the firmware update, the X-Pro 2 will get a new auto-focus algorithm which, according to Fujifilm, will make the X-Pro 2’s AF faster and more accurate, making the camera even easier to use. However, the AF-C Custom Settings Function will not make it to the X-Pro 2. This is, however, not that bad since the accuracy of the optical viewfinder’s parallax correction has been improved. The X-Pro 2 will also be fully compatible with the EF-X500 flash, which was announced alongside the X-T2.


Roadmap for Future Lenses

Fujifilm has won a lot of praise for its lens roadmaps as it is a sure way of showing their commitment to the Fujifilm X-series camera system. On the roadmap, three lenses feature prominently:


XF23mm F/2 R WR: This is a compact, weather-resistant prime that features a 35mm full-frame equivalent field of view.

XF80mm F/2.8 R LM OIS WR Macro: A 1:1 telephoto macro lens highly effective in close-up photography.

XF50mm F/2 R WR: This is a short, portrait-oriented prime.


Changes to Announced Lenses

Surprisingly, the 80mm macro lens came in to replace a 120mm macro lens that that earlier appeared in a previous lens roadmap. Fujifilm pointed out that this move was motivated by the market demand for more compact lenses. The new additions will see the Fujifilm X-series lineup grow to a total of 25 lenses. Fujifilm has been thoughtful enough to use firmware updates to ensure their X-series ecosystem receives new features regularly. This is one of the things that makes the Fujifilm X-series popular to date.

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