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Microsoft Corporation has recently released new firmware targeting owners of the Surface Book and Surface Pro. The latest July firmware which comes with several driver updates is meant to bring a host of significant improvements to the operation of the two devices.

Though the new firmware updates for both devices share the same changes, Microsoft has listed different versions for the drivers of certain components.
The list of changes includes driver updates for Surface Pen Settings, Surface Touch, Surface button among others.

Surface Touch and Surface Touch Servicing ML

These driver updates are geared towards increasing the devices’ overall stability and they also address some issues in pen ink, touch and barrel button eraser instances.


Surface System Aggregator Firmware

The aim of this driver update is to enhance the keyboard’s stability after the devices resume their operations from standby or hibernation modes.


Surface Pen Settings

This driver update is in preparation for the Anniversary update of Windows 10 in August. It is also meant to ensure stable pen settings.


Surface Button

The surface button driver update enhances the device usability when it is in tablet mode.


Intel components updates

The new firmware comes with updated drivers for Intel HD Graphics Integrated CPU to improve system performance of some applications. It also includes new drivers for Intel Smart Sound Technology Audio Controller and Intel Smart Sound Technology OED for improved overall audio stability.


These new firmware updates will be rolling out to the users of the devices through Windows Updates. Alternatively, users can manually install the drivers in either ZIP or MSI file formats. The MSI file will be able to install the complete package of the firmware while the ZIP file will only be able to install individual drivers.

Moreover, Microsoft adds that the updates of the firmware may take some time to reach all devices since they will be delivered in stages.

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